Rome In Monochrome

"Our songs are whispering in your ears that you are not alone!" Interview with Rome In Monochrome

08-11-2016 Алексей "Astarte Eel" Иринеев

Doom metal has long ceased to be in the top metal trends that interested the masses, but fans of this metal-genre has always distinguished true loyalty to their favorite bands. ”If you love Doom, This is Forever!” – It’s an Axiom. And the music of the doomed people, who forever sold their souls to the ... read more →


The mountain similar to Everest. The interview with the band "Gourishankar"

26-09-2016 Алексей "Astarte Eel" Иринеев

The art rock band Gourishankar from Syktyvkar is probably well known for many amateurs of this very style. After 15 years of its existence, this band became extremely popular among the admirers of the art and progressive rock. For this band, the quality is in the highest position than the ... read more →